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Monday, August 23, 2010

YAMS Returns

Hello cunts. It's been a while. Five fucking years since the last bastard site update in fact. Ten years since the first launch of YAMS, can you bastarding well believe that?

It was easier to write when things were going bad. As everything started to go our way there was nothing to fucking whinge about so the site suffered. I then got a new job and became a soft cunt worring about getting fired if all the fucking lawyers letters eventually led to anything worse.

Things have now changed. Being out of work has suddenly led to me not giving a flying shit about anything anymore. There may be no more John Cancer Benson, Brenda 'electric chair' Spencer or Maurice fucking Lindsey but there's a whole fucking barrel full of other absolute cunts to rip the piss out of all over the fucking overrated pile of shite of a league we now find ourselves in.

I might be a lot older, fatter and greyer now but you'll be glad to know I haven't fucking grown up.

Hope to see a few of you back on here, and as always contributions are more than welcome. Until then I'll see what I can rake up myself and will be dredging up some old articles every now and again, possibly even ripping some of them off and passing them off as new stories.

Just remember kids, swearing is still big and clever.

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