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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Whelan issues statement to deny 'Gay' rumours

DW Sports chief Dave Whelan said today his decision to publicly deny speculation about a gay affair with an aide was "not an easy thing to do". 

Revealing the frustration he felt, Mr Whelan said he and his wife Pat had "had enough" and decided to "put the record straight" about the rumours which had been circulating, particularly on an obscene internet site.
The Robin Park club said that Mr Whelan continued to enjoy the "100% support" of all his employees and anyone who owed him money.

In a frank statement issued yesterday Mr Whelan denied having had an "improper" relationship with special adviser Maurice Lindsay and insisted “I’m a proper bloke me, I mean I’ve been shagging Brenda for 20 years at Charnock Richard Hotel”. 

Mr Lindsay quit his post as special adviser, citing the lack of opportunities to fleece Wigan Athletic any longer. 

In a press conference at the DW Stadium, Mr Whelan said his former aide was "someone who is rather fed up of Latics fans, and who can blame him?". 

Mr Lindsay told Sly News he "categorically denied" the allegations about an improper relationship with Mr Whelan stating his arse is far too saggy for my liking. 

The former JJB supremo insisted he had no more to add to his statement yesterday, but couldn’t resist saying something else to make himself look a cunt.

"My wife and I really felt we had had enough of the circulation of untrue allegations, particularly on the internet, and at some point you have to speak out about that and put the record straight.  If those responsible don’t stop then I will quit Wigan Athletic" 

A recently retired spokeswoman said: "We have always given David our 100% support. It’s that or the sack.

Mr Lindsay, 85, was employed by Mr Whelan during the Premier League campaigns as an unpopular board member and had “a couple of turnstiles” reported to be worth £5,000 per game. 

Mr Whelan admitted to "occasionally" sharing hotel rooms with Mr Lindsay because he is a stingy fucker who counts the number of sheets on a bog roll.

He added: "It wasn’t us who nicked the towels and soap”. 

Mr. Lindsay has now relocated to the apprentices changing room at Preston Nob End.

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