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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hundreds of copies of Dave Whelan's autobiography 'Playing to Win' will be burned on a patch of land by a rundown shed near the DW stadium on Saturday on the first anniversary of the books release in spite of calls to desist yesterday from Whelco Ltd, Wigan Athletic and DW Sports.

The book is seen as a cult classic amongst the 4 people that have bought it since its release a year ago.

"We are pretty much set on it right now," insisted Pastor Tom Gore, of YAMS church, Platt Bridge. He plans to stage what he is calling "International Burn-A-Whelan book Day". He and the senior pastor at the church, Terry F Fuckwit, insisted they would not suspend the event even if called to do so "by God himself" Mr Whelan.

The campaign against YAMS, which has a congregation of only about 5, to change course continued to mount. The Premier League issued a statement calling the planned incineration "outrageous and grave". Mr Gore said he had received more than 100 death threats, and he and his associates had now taken to wearing gat guns in holsters.

FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, said that he fully supported the message released by his counterparts at the Premier League. On Thursday at DW Sports gyms across the country, hundreds of employees, after being threatened they wouldn't be paid, demonstrated against the planned book-burning, chanting "Death to YAMS."

Mr Gore said the books destined for the bonfire were mostly taken from the skips at the back of Waterstones or have been sent in by people disgusted with the book who are supporting the stunt.

As for moving forward with the torching in the face of so much opposition, he said "we feel very strongly about the message and we do have a couple of supporters who get what we are doing, people who know what we know in our hearts that this is right and that somebody has to speak out."

The purpose, Mr Gore explained, was to force Wiganers to "seek the truth" about Whelan and his writings and "do it right now".

"We believe that Mr Whelan is dangerous. We have seen that throughout the decades and we see that in his book. Our message is not against Wiganers. It is against the piece of fiction written by Mr Whelan. The book made no mention whatsoever of the murdering of Duncan Sharpe, his son Paul the smackhead and the harem of whores he's been shagging in Barbados for years"

It is not just football chiefs speaking out against the planned burning. Sporting leaders from all over the UK have also coalesced to condemn it.

Michael Maguire, coach of the Wigan Sumo Wrestling team, called YAMS "a tiny, fringe group and an embarrassment to our community. "They are opposed to the true character of Wiganers," he said on his Twatter site.

Mr Gore tonight stated that the burning would not be put off or scrapped. "If this one is successful, we will hold another in winter and pipe the heat into the DW pitches undersoil system. This way Mr Whelan will no longer have to worry about canceled fixtures due to being too fucking stingy to turn the heating on.

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